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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Mohd Rosman. Hahaha =DD

Okayh..Today i went shopping with my dad..boleh dikira shopping la we went to Digital Mall USJ 19. He wanted to buy mp3 for himself coz he wants to load semua bunyi burung inside..weird heh? No lar coz he's into birding so its easier for him to call the birds using bunyi burung tu sendiri..ish main tipu..x natural la like that >.< Now i know how shopping with a guy would feel like..SANGAT SEKEJAP AND SENANG..LOL..but it's true..

Papa masuk je kedai terus tengok this particular video mp3..then papa suruhlah salesman tu keluarkan untuk test.. tak sampai 2 minit he said 'ok angkat itu mari' fwah..damn fast weyh... ^^'' if me i rambang mata dunno which one should i pilih..LOL!! even making a decision for me to have a haircut took me 3 days to decide..mp3 lagilah ..hehehe..then papa cakap i can have it..he only needs it on Saturday for birding..i was like *YIPEE!!* the jakun-ness in me terserlah..hahaha!!

the video mp3 that papa & I bought =D

Then after beli we decided to do some grocery shopping so we masuklah Carrefour..then i saw something that caught my eyes.. CHILI BAMBOO SHOOTS!! argh sedap gile bende tu =DD Ate that thing when i stayed back at Farah's house to do some stuff.. Jodoh ku bersama chili bamboo shoots (rebung) berpanjangan juga..ahaks! But the happiest moment kat Carrefour is when papa saw SUSHI!! my favourite food!! =P nyam nyam ...When it comes to food im out of control =3 Macam mane tak gemok..huhuhu =S

Itulah alkisahnya cerita azlyn bersama papanya yang tersayang..haha..

p/s: have to study Chemistry..trials is this!! =P and *ehem* love know who you are <3 xoxo

*sign out*

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