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Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Time Experience

: I passed my black belt grading!! *yipee*
So now im officially a black belt holder
*wink wink* hahaha!! There were 11 of us undergoing probation period for 3 months..Our Sir Neng Keong gave us a task ...which is to teach the class Taegeuk (some kind of movement in Taekwondo) i voluntereed myself to teach the class Taegeuk 5. Waliao mana la tahu today is the day where we started teaching.When it was my turn to teach i acted selamber jea..ahhahahaha.Then there i stood infront of the class...STONED.. @.@ hadoi mak...nervous gile...tersasul sana first the class was damn serious then it end up full of laughter when i taught them...buat malu seyh..haish but it was a fun experience..haha. I should do it more often..fuyoh~~ pro pro LOL!!

Oh ya...there was a funny incident btw Sheryl and a boy while training.
*gigglesgiggles* The guy was wearing the sparing pad and the motive was for us to kick him AT THE PAD . But what happened was my cute friend Sheryl accidentally misses her target and ended up kicking the guy's little brother.. LOL!! It was damn funny and the guy just sat down quietly and in seconds his face turned in very very red.. hahahaha!! Sheryl sheryl...i noe la u want to practice it on your future husband but sabar sabar la..ngeehee =D


MY BELT with my name on it =]

p/s: imy & ily <3 tried to wake u up tis morning by phonecall but u didnt answer *sigh*
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