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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tears Are Falling In My Eyes...PMS!!!

Tq cikgu!! Haiz bertuah Farhana dapat mak 'brutal' =D ..baru best ceritakan masalah..ahaks!!

I dont know why everything doesn't seem to follow my way..Maybe today is just not my day T.T Hari ni cukup menstress-kan @.@ Rehat tadi dah lepaskan segala kegeraman kat cikgu..uish kalau tidak ntah meletup kat sape lah nanti...lucky cikgu ada..

Why? Why? Why?
elyn dah tak boleh tahan dah tau tak!! Dah berapa lama elyn simpan dalam hati semua benda yang ada dalam fikiran..boleh jadi gile kot..Woah even cikgu kaunselor tanya Syazana about my progress dalam studies.. @.@ teruk sangat ke my masalah? adoyh..I just feel lost..tak tau why nowadays macam tak ada semangat nak buat apa-apa pon .. T.T

When I came back from school I have to head straight to Chemistry tuition after lunch..Reached there 15 minutes early..So amik la kesempatan untuk tido jap..tak sangka dalam 15 minit tu boleh tido mati..Nasib baik perempuan tu kejutkan..Eventhough it's only a 15 minutes nap but it felt like as if i slept for 1 hour..budak tak cukup tido..huhu

At night, tuition AGAIN! So went for acc tuition..rasa nak lempang-lempang je cikgu tu..nak ajar, ajar la bebaik ni nak tengking-tengking..dah la orang tgh PMS!! So I made faces..For sure la the teacher noticed..and she asked why i looked so tired..then i answered 'no mood'..malas nak melayan.. Sabar jea la.. FYI my tahap kesabaran yang paling tinggi hanya ada pada my people out there i dont care whether i know u well or not but for wat i know when i'm pissed i'll 'sound' anybody that irritates me >.< that's just me.. I know it's not good to be rude but sometimes I JUST DUN GIVE A DAMN AND I DUN CARE!! How i wished you were there by my side and there you are lending me your shoulder for me to cry on :'( :'( :'(

Never had the chance to meet up with him T.T

p/s: I can't think of anybody else who I hate to miss as much as I hate missing you =(
我爱你 <3

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