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Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling Lost @.@

IM SORRY!! =( eventhough i dont know wat i did wrong...

Sometimes your action just scares me @.@ please dun make me feel this way..i xsenang hati and rasa miserable sangat2..If i ada buat salah terus je cakap depan2..i dun mind eventhough i know it will hurt..better then you leaving me with question marks all over my head..

If you nak marah, go ahead..i'll listen to you and try to make a better change..
Maybe im just not good enough for you? Nobody's perfect..and i know im not perfect too..I cant be someone else im not..i suck in pretending, i mean SERIOUSLY!!

For me i mengaku i tak reti langsung nak pujuk orang, i tak reti nak cakap manis, i tak reti nak bermanja..i would end up making everything worst.. :'( so setiap kali u marah my fikiran buntu..i tak tahu mcm mana nak pujuk u..

For just now, i beranikan diri untuk call u but u ended up rejecting my calls :'( but anyway i would like to say thanks coz at least i know that u dont wanna talk to me for the time being..if not i will end up being like a stupid fellow that keeps on calling u and waiting for u to answer my calls..

Ingat tak text message ni yg u pernah hantar?

When I look at u with doubt, back yourself with the truth
*You didnt give me the chance to do so..u never replied my text msgs n calls*
When I say that i like u, I really do more than u could understand
* (.....) *
When I miss you, Im hurting inside
*Im hurting more than you could imagine*
When you break my heart, the pain never really goes away
*Im sorry if i ever did that..let's just forgive and forget cant we?*
When I say Im okay, dun believe it, talk to me
*Whenever i wanted to, you shut me down :'( *
When i say sorry i truly mean it
*Apology accepted..when i say sorry i truly mean it too..*
*I'll try my very best..hope you try and understand me too*

Iqhwan please jangan cepat marah..izit maybe bcoz i dunno how to treat you the way you want?

p/s : wish you would be more understanding..would really appreciate it =] ..if u tink i demand too much things from u then just forget abt it..

Azlyn is sick..having a headache..crying makes me feel tired, sleepy and hungry..nak pegi cari makanan =P

I sayang u sangat2..but i dunno how to express my feelings properly..i dah lama tak dengar your voice..but whenever i wanna call u, i would think twice coz i dunno wat to talk abt..i takut u bosan ngan me >.< If i ada benda nak cakap kat u but tak berani nak cakap, i'll post it in this blog..hope u'll spend some time reading it =)

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