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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Missing Something T.T

Ergh!! COME ONE!! Macam mane elyn boleh hilangkan buku Bio. Sebesar-besar gedabak cam tu pon boleh hilang @.@. But i remembered i brought the book back home. WTH!! How am i going to study for my trials if i dun have any bio revision book kat rumah?!?! *Pfft!*

KARMA!! Caish.. Maybe this is some sort of punishment that i have to endure hasil daripada my layanan towards Cik Tan.. *speechless* I'd always sleep in her class but it's not my fault >.< she's not making bio an interesting subject to me ..huhu boleh salahkan cikgu plak =P But seriously BIO + AZLYN = IMPOSSIBLE!!
cita-cita menjadi doktor terkubur habis (x minat pon =P ) ..huhu..kan senang after SPM kahwin je terus then lahirkan beberapa cucu for mama and papa..LOL!!

Have to go for Chemistry replacement class tonight..haiz...feel like playing tennis >.< anyone wanna play with me?

I need to sleep.. *Azlyn is shutting down*

p/s: please come back to me my dear BIO results depends on you =DD
( loves her bubu <3)

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