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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 A & TKD Hi-Tea 2009 =DD

Went to school today and guess wat? Only 11 students turn up in 5 Amanah...sad case @.@

Hari ni macam x belajar langsung..ok lar time agama semua kena masuk surau..and me boleh tertidur plak masa ustazah ngaja..ngantuk la =P

As usual, the girls do their favourite past time..GOSSIP!! more to like girl's talk..I dunno how but we ended up talking about bikini waxing..eewwww..*ouch*!! Gile menjijikkan @.@

Then after that i tried to study biology..ergh..tak sampai 5 minit otak dah jam >.< then i asked my friend to draw on my this is how it looks like..

I Love You Too!! =D

Apa punya kawan daa...

Oh ya ..I went to the Taekwondo Hi-Tea at Holiday Villa Hotel..At last the pics are out =D

Some sweet memories..wee~~!!

*credit to Sir Tony Chui*

Sir Neng Keong's Angels =D

Camwhore ngan Warning Signboard..LOL!!

That's all peeps!! woots!!

p/s: imy <3
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