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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'Tutup Puasa'

Im sure many of you would be wondering what i meant by tutup puasa.. haha.. well, ask cheecken =D

My dad called in the evening asking me to call cheecken whether his mother could help to fetch me to and from tuition.. mum's car broke down so she took my dad's to work.. so xda kereta kat rumah..


eh today ur mom can hantar pegi and amik from tuition ah?
*wait ah i need to call my mum..she's not at home*
okie >.<
then my house phone rang.. *ring ring* haha nak jugak =P
*oi u tutup puasa pukul berapa ah?*
TUTUP PUASA?!?! @.@ hah apa itu macam ? Bahahaha!! buka puasa la u stupid! LOL!
*oh hahaha.. no tutup puasa ah?..ok ok wat time u buka puasa?*
then we continued talking and arranging things..
LOL!! damn random weyh.. ok i know it's kinda lame but i dun have any entertainment this evening la..heh >.<

Okay now off topic..
Today i 'went' to bm tuition..i didnt check the jadual.. didnt even know that today's class was cancelled.. sad case ler T.T so i called my transporter.. aunty said i have to follow her amik budak kecik from chinese school.. i was like - okay laaaa...

then..the small kids masuk dalam van sekolah ^^'' yeah i sad T.T ..first thing when this one kid opened the door he looked at me as if im a ghost.. wtf?!?! gile bising weyh dalam van..they go ching chong chiang ping pong piang piong dush dash dish..cakap cina mcm tak bleh blah..kalah orang goreng penang char kwey teow kat bazaar ramadhan sana @.@ bapak bising..

paling annoying is this one boy.. keep on asking his friend 'eh tha shi malai ren hai shi hua ren?' (eh she's a malay or chinese?) nasib aku tak cakap hindu je..ish! ...then they talked about something chiak sai ( makan taik ) chiak sai laaa!!! pergh! nak ajea aku tempeleng setiap sorang dalam van tu..ish!

Then there's 2 girls sitting beside of them is kinda chubby..then suddenly i smelled something nice..fwah bapak giler sedap nampak's like everyone was eating in the van except aunty and me >.< COBAAN!! hai mambang tanah mambang air mambang apa punya mambang ntah..haha..okay~~ ^^'' p ramlee la pulak..

then at night went to pn rachel's..she promised the whole class a home-baked cheesecake.. but she bought a special one for me as she's afraid im not going to eat it...takut tak halal laaa...makan mcm apa jea >.< feel like vomitting coz i ate too much for buka..

Ok! that's all for today =.=

p/s: eh why la tak balas my text?!?! rindu la..haha..maybe u need some space..neh i dun wanna disturb u then..tatas!! =)

gd nite! ZZZzzzZZzzZZzzzzZZ

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