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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

Tomorrow i'll be sitting for my maths just to lazy to do some exercise...soooooo i decided to follow my mum hantar kuih raya for her chinese friends..

First stop : Aunty Phyllis's - itu chicken xda rumah..xbleh gua mau kacau >.<
Second stop : Aunty Bee Cheng's - had a short chat with her daughter..Amelia i think >.< ..she's very bubbly =)
Final pit stop : Aunty Teo's - haha aunty damn cute la u...she said i lose a lot of weight adi =P hehe damn happy...keep on praising me ..sampai nak kembang jadi O_O haha turun 3 kg only lar..ini budak mau turun lagi 2 kg..aunty also jarang nampak me that's why..wee~~!!

Then itu orang text me...giler annoying @.@ my credit nak habis jadi..orang nak jimat untuk text Iqhwan..menyibuk je...shooh shooh...haha ingat kucing ke nak halau2 orang =D

Someone come and urut me...badan giler lenguh doe...give me FULL body massage =D call me at 017-xxxxxxx ....haha psycho..ingat ape..miang ka..but then seriously @.@ ...

status: currently continuing her 'project' ..hopefully could finish it by raya time and give it to him...

p/s: and yes, imy...

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