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Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm sorry teacher..I know i haven't been doing your homework for like ...MANY TIMES...actually mana ada many times pun..just that last month was a busy month for me >.< and so is September 0_0

I can see the disappointment in your face but but....haiz i just have to finish up my revision >.<

Hadoi gila terasa bila cikgu kasi nasihat... :( I know i dont know how to manage my time well..huhu..

I'll promise i'll finish it up by next week @.@

U've been a great teacher and u rocks la seriously...xpernah ada teacher like u..teacher u gile stylo ;) u're like a friend to me..will miss you after SPM..huhu..

p/s: He's a chindian..woots!! n damn TALL!! =D


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